New Car

This is the best.snack.ever. Ever.

IMG_3704 Cottage cheese, a deliciously ripe and juicy pear, Frog Hollow Farm granola (not that crappy stuff I try to make myself like).


I think my cat is happy I’m home :) It feels good to be loved. If I’m being honest, he seems to prefer Ben. Boo.

IMG_3678 I had to pack dinner on the go because Ben and I had a very important errand to take care of.


In the bag with the rest of the carrots I packed a sandwich.

IMG_3711 And I partook in Ben’s fries, because it’s only right.


Then we met up with my brother, Michael, at his work. He found us a great deal on a car, and since we’ve been looking for a while we decided to go for it.

IMG_3716 We will pick it up tomorrow, but took it on a little test drive first.

IMG_3718 I’m full of adrenaline and feeling a little weird so I decided to make some tea to relax,IMG_3722

and added a Vitatop and a cookie for fun :)


But, what I thought was adrenaline has turned into a pretty big headache, so I’m calling it a night :(

See you tomorrow.

Here’s a fun video on the New York City Marathon.


  1. me says

    Dude! Why did you put this pic of me looking like a flamer!!! That’s messed up! How am I suppose to start my fan base with a bad pic!

  2. Jennifer says

    Congratulations on the new car! I think you are going to love the camry. My family buys Toyota all of the time. BTW-that granola snack looks super yummy.

  3. says

    Nice car! That’s an exciting purchase :)

    I feel like I need to visit Frog Hollow Farm. It seems like everything that comes out of that place is perfect and delicious.

  4. Tiffany says

    Wow – not only are we drink twins, but I used to work at CarMax also. Hope you got the family discount! Enjoy the new car.

  5. says

    Cute car! Bet you’ll enjoy it muchly! I miss being able to drive a car lol Where I live VERY few people drive cars year round most have a truck or SUV for the winter and I’m not into having two vehicles so I just have a SUV, which is hard on gas :( Booerns to that! Love your blog by the way, stumbled upon it from Bobbi’s!

  6. Valerie C. says

    I love tea!! especially when I’m craving something sweet….but then i go for the real stuff…because tea can only get you so far!!! I love vitatops! have you tried the muffins? I want to know if they are as good.

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