New Car

This is the best.snack.ever. Ever.

IMG 3704 thumb New Car Cottage cheese, a deliciously ripe and juicy pear, Frog Hollow Farm granola (not that crappy stuff I try to make myself like).

IMG 3706 thumb New Car

I think my cat is happy I’m home icon smile New Car It feels good to be loved. If I’m being honest, he seems to prefer Ben. Boo.

IMG 3678 thumb New Car I had to pack dinner on the go because Ben and I had a very important errand to take care of.

IMG 3710 thumb New Car

In the bag with the rest of the carrots I packed a sandwich.

IMG 3711 thumb New Car And I partook in Ben’s fries, because it’s only right.

IMG 3715 thumb New Car

Then we met up with my brother, Michael, at his work. He found us a great deal on a car, and since we’ve been looking for a while we decided to go for it.

IMG 3716 thumb New Car We will pick it up tomorrow, but took it on a little test drive first.

IMG 3718 thumb New Car I’m full of adrenaline and feeling a little weird so I decided to make some tea to relax,IMG 3722 thumb New Car

and added a Vitatop and a cookie for fun icon smile New Car

IMG 3723 thumb New Car

But, what I thought was adrenaline has turned into a pretty big headache, so I’m calling it a night icon sad New Car

See you tomorrow.

Here’s a fun video on the New York City Marathon.

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