Confession Thursday–Part 5


I either wear too much make-up or no makeup at all. I prefer the “too much” look any day of the week, but I’m too lazy to bother 90% of the time. I am currently blogging with hair mayonnaise in my hair. The only food I share with my pets is canned salmon or tuna with my cat and the occasional splash of milk. I am a very messy eater, but don’t take the time to properly … [Read more...]

O for Olivas!


The reason I got blood work this week was for my Nutrition class. I need my blood type and cholesterol levels for a paper (that’s due today!). I’ve actually always been curious about my blood type, but have never given blood because I’m always training for something or another and didn’t want to risk passing out on a solo run (one time I passed out at a club and it was scary, … [Read more...]

Cinnamon Apple Granola Bowl


When I went to pick up my blood test results I felt snacky, but not hungry. I decided to bring along a bag of carrots to get the “chew” out of my system. My breakfast was super big, so lunch was delayed until almost 3pm. I knew I wanted a sweet potato, but wasn’t sure what to have with it. Enter: my favorite meal these days – salad with chickpeas, cranberry gorgonzola … [Read more...]