Innie and Outie

I started my day with an easy 3 miler. I’m trying to take it easy since I have a half marathon this weekend (!) and didn’t exactly taper last weekend (hello impromtu half mary).

I tried something new with breakfast – this YoGreek Yogurt + Crunch.

Notice the Nov 9th expire date? I live dangerously wlEmoticon winkingsmile Innie and Outie

IMG 3830 thumb Innie and Outie

Sorry, I took this from my mom’s so I don’t know where to buy them.

One side has yogurt, the other has granola. Love it!

IMG 3831 thumb Innie and Outie

I mixed it up in my usual pumpkin/yogurt/cereal bowl. Delicious!

IMG 3832 thumb Innie and Outie

I’ve mentioned my weird belly button before and for some reason feel the need to share it with you today… I have both an “innie” and an “outie”?! See – it round like an outie, but on the inside. I call it my Cabbage Patch belly button.

IMG 3825 thumb Innie and Outie

I’m immediately sorry I posted that. IMG 3827 thumb Innie and Outie

So is BenIMG 3826 thumb Innie and Outie

We’re trying to do a “Jim from The Office” face there.

Happy Friday!

Question: Innie or Outie? What do you have?

***Winner of the Ipod Shuffle: Pam Jenkins – Please email me your information

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  1. says

    Haha, this is an AWESOME post!! I love the “innie-outie.” I have a major innie (we used to call it the “pitfall” because it is REALLY an innie). It has a few scars on it because I got it pierced in Spain about three years ago by a pretty sketchy dude. Even though I took the piercing out immediately, I still have some little marks from it. Belly buttons are so funny!

  2. says

    I have the.exact.same.bellybutton! I have never met anyone else with my ‘problem’ before! Bahahaha.. show it proudly :)

    My mom actually told me once that the nurse in the hospitals tied a ‘special knot’ in the umbilical cord when I was born, apparently it was supposed to ensure that I didn’t have an outie. Instead I got some something that lies in between an innie and an outie!

  3. Jessica F says

    We’re belly button twins! My best friend’s belly button when we were kids was neither. She called it a cinnamon roll because it just had swirls in it but was completely flat across…it was the weirdest one I’ve seen. I think it’s sunk in since then though.

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