A Different Day Before

The day before a race usually consists of me putting together my race attire, hitting up the expo and carb loading like it’s going out of style. Today was a little different…

I signed up for the Malibu Half Marathon a while back when there was a Groupon for it. When I completed the purchase online Long Beach was still far off and I didn’t realize how close the 2 races would be.

I’ve heard you can’t sign up for a marathon until you’ve forgotten your last one and let’s just say I haven’t forgotten yet – at least my body hasn’t.  I’m not super excited about this race, so I’ve decided to just do it for fun. I don’t race very often, so this is just a good opportunity to practice getting my race jitters out (I’m really really bad with nerves on race day).

Since Malibu is almost 2 hours from Orange County we decided to make a whole day of it and I packed up all my stuff this morning and we’re making it a mini-road trip.

Before we left I made eggs and toast with pumpkin cream cheese for breakfast. IMG_3861

Then, we headed up the coast! This drive is amazing.IMG_3877

IMG_3883I brought lunch on the go Smile IMG_3869

Finally we got to the race expo. It was tiny. I didn’t check the size of this race, but I’m guessing it’s small. I haven’t looked at the course either – I better do that before tomorrow morning!IMG_3863

I did score this new pineapple flavored coconut water. I don’t like plain, but this stuff was good! IMG_3865

We parked just across the street from the expo near a Starbucks. Those are people working on their laptops outside the ‘bucks in November. Sleeveless. Oh, things I could only dream of a year ago when I was in MD…IMG_3867I can’t say it enough, it’s gorgeous today!IMG_3866

From the expo we drove north to explore.

I saw a sign for “The Olivas Adobe” and we had to stop!IMG_3908

I may be related to the Olivases that built this place. Fun fact from the tour: The Olivas family called themselves “Californians NOT Mexicans or Americans”. They understand my love for this place Smile IMG_3894

IMG_3892IMG_3895IMG_3900IMG_3907After that historical pit stop we continued north some more to have dinner in Santa Barbara. IMG_3913

Once in SB we walked down the pier and enjoyed the last few rays of sun.IMG_3920IMG_3925

IMG_3923I was craving guacamole big time so we settled on El Torito for dinner. I’m kind of embarrassed about all the chains being featured lately, but I needed guac! Don’t judge. IMG_3931

Soup, salad and corn cakes (that corn cake is amaze). Even with the horribly blurry picture, it’s amazing.IMG_3937

Ben surprised me and got an awesome deal on the Marriot about an hour (?) away from the race. Okay, I really don’t know where we are, but we’re closer than home Smile IMG_3942



I picked up dessert from the gas station (because I’m classy like that). IMG_3943

I better rest up with my chocolate bar before the race!


  1. Lindsay says

    Good luck tomorrow! have a great and FUN race! Oh, and is that picture of you and Ben a clue to some exiting news?? Either way, it’s an ADORABLE pic!!

  2. says

    You guys are TOO cuteee! I wanted to say something else but I totally forgot! oh well. You rock!!
    Today it was 62 degrees on Columbia. Where am I?

  3. says

    Good luck tomorrow!! It’ll be a blast no matter what – I hear the course is beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you think – I’m contemplating Malibu for next year.

  4. says

    1. That picture of you two is adorable.
    2. That bed looks amazingly comfortable.
    3. I LOVE those mint/dark chocolate 3 Muskateers
    4. I LOVE El Torito! Especially those corn cakes. When I was a kid, growing up in California, we went to El Torito for my birthday every year. I learned to not tell them it was my birthday because when you do, they sing to you and feed you flan. I hate flan.
    5. Have fun at your race!

  5. says

    Yes, I am so jealous the of the sleevless starbuckers…yesterday I had a long sleeved shirton in Annapolis and was comfotable…in the sun:/ Good luck in your race today!!

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