Sweet Potato with Protein


I LOVE carbs. I can eat bread and cookies and rice and cereal…until the cows come home. Often, I do just that. But, I have realized that I need protein to feel satiated. This is a problem since I don’t eat red meat and only recently have let the occasional piece of chicken sneak by. Sure, I eat fish, but who is cooking fish for lunch? No, seriously. Who is cooking fish, and … [Read more...]

Crunchy or Smooth?


I always rip off pieces of bread as I make toast. My bread is so doughy and delicious, I can’t help it! So, this is really 2 pieces of toast, eaten in parts. I like crunchy nut butter! And Crunchy apples! and cats crunching on leaves as they walk around outside   I’m only running 3 days this week – trying to prevent injuries post half marathon. Safety first! … [Read more...]

Wok This Way


One of my favorite wedding gifts was our wok. I always always wanted one! Especially since a stir-fry is my favorite dinner (at least among the ones I can cook). It’s the easiest way to make tofu (in my opinion) and you get a bunch of veggies with the meal too. This sucker is heavy though! It was empty and I could barely hold it with one hand. I got this sample at the … [Read more...]