Crunchy or Smooth?

I always rip off pieces of bread as I make toast. My bread is so doughy and delicious, I can’t help it! So, this is really 2 pieces of toast, eaten in parts.

IMG 4069 thumb Crunchy or Smooth?

I like crunchy nut butter!

IMG 4073 thumb Crunchy or Smooth?

And Crunchy apples!

IMG 4077 thumb Crunchy or Smooth?

and cats crunching on leaves as they walk around outside wlEmoticon smile11 Crunchy or Smooth? 

IMG 4076 thumb Crunchy or Smooth?

I’m only running 3 days this week – trying to prevent injuries post half marathon. Safety first! But, I’ll do some strength training to get a work out in.

Question: Crunchy or Smooth?

See ya later!

Updated to Add: If you live in the OC (and especially if you have kids) a violent rapist is being let out today. Here is his picture and some info. Stay safe.



  1. says

    I faced the crunchy/smooth issue recently. I’ve ALWAYS been a smooth girl, but I mistakenly bought crunchy last week. Rather than throw it away (which wouldn’t be out of the question), I decided to try it. It’s actually pretty good on apples and in oatmeal… especially in the oatmeal to give it a little crunch.

  2. says

    Can I cheat and say both? I used to be a smooth girl all the way, but when I started experimenting with different kinds of nut butters I went crunchy. Currently in my kitchen I had smooth PB but crunchy almond butter. Either way works for me. And this applies to most other foodthings. :)

  3. says

    Smooooooth and creamy!! I absolutely love smooth/creamy almond butter!
    Plus I love all things creamy and smooth: ice cream, panna cotta, yogurt, smoothies, chocolate pudding, butternut squash pure (and creamy butternut squash soup)… the list goes on!
    Definitely smooth for me!

  4. Valerie C. says

    much like the once popular “reeses” slogan said; there is no wrong way to eat peanut butter!!
    I have actually been hooked on peanut butter for the past couple of months. I find that I can actually practice self control with it :)

  5. says

    Smooooooooth and creamy for me! I love all things creamy. Especially smoothies. There is nothing I hate more than a “smoothie” that is icy.

    But when apples are concerned I need CRUNCH!

  6. Laura says

    And they are letting this guy out because….? Thats ridiculous. And I’m not very far from the Chino State Prison. How unsettling.

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