Sweet Potato with Protein

I LOVE carbs. I can eat bread and cookies and rice and cereal…until the cows come home. Often, I do just that.

But, I have realized that I need protein to feel satiated. This is a problem since I don’t eat red meat and only recently have let the occasional piece of chicken sneak by. Sure, I eat fish, but who is cooking fish for lunch?

No, seriously. Who is cooking fish, and can I come over??

Yogurt is my favorite go-to protein source, but sometimes I’ll switch it out for cottage cheese. IMG 4085 thumb Sweet Potato with Protein

Today I topped my sweet potato with cottage cheese for some protein power. The only problem is – I like my hot food HOT. I hate adding something to a hot dish that makes it cold.

*I keep my condiments in the cupboard and not the fridge for this reason. If you come to my house and need ketchup don’t look for it in the fridge. No bueno. IMG 4097 thumb Sweet Potato with Protein

I ended up scooping the cc onto my salad and then all was right with lunch wlEmoticon smile12 Sweet Potato with Protein 

There may have been some dark chocolate for dessert. That’s when stuff got all right with the world. At least in my world.

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  1. says

    Cottage cheese is a such a perfect food (in my opinion). I ate it every single day for years because it’s so high in protein and so low in calories.

  2. Emily says

    How do you cook the sweet potato? Do you bake it or microwave it or what? I’m new to this and want to start eating them more and I’m not sure where to start.

  3. says

    Haha I can totally relate to the hot food/cold food thing. The only exception is putting steamed veggies on top of salads. I’m like you and don’t eat much protein, so I could much on carbs endlessly. In my defense, I say that spinach has a lot of protein, but really its not the kind that keeps you satisfied. I’m gonna try the cottage cheese on a sweet potato. Sounds yummy!

    • says

      I’ve dropped the ball in the last few weeks and had chicken 2 times. I think the vegetarian police will revoke my card if I call myself “veggie” at this point. But, I’m trying to get back on the wagon :)

  4. em says

    i’m a long time creeper but i had to come out of the woods for this one! my dining hall always has sweet potatoes and lately i’ve been loving them. i top them with applesauce and raisins (its sooo good!) and every time i pass by the cottage cheese, i think to myself “should i? will the flavors work?” literally. i’ve been debating this for a week now. i’m definitely going to give it a shot now.

  5. says

    I am having such a hard time with this whole “eating healthy” thing..I too LOVE carbs…I sat down to dinner the other night and had a piece of roasted garlic crusty bread…I wanted to eat the whole loaf…I went back later for another piece and debated taking 2 more:/

    Not making fish for lunch but going to make grilled teryaki salmon for dinner tonight…if you still lived in MD I’d invite you over..lol :)

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