Ben Tries Wick Wear


I am a heavy sweater and refuse to run in anything but wick wear. I’ve been telling Ben the joys of sweat wicking fabric for a long time, but I don’t think he believed me. See how happy it makes me? Yesterday I went out and got him a long sleeve tech tee to wear under his shirt. He’s been biking to work lately and I knew it would come in handy. He  was hesitant, but … [Read more...]

Easy Pumpkin Yogurt


I know the pumpkin craze is slowly winding down in blog-land, but you cannot let this season’s favorite squash go out of style before you try some good pumpkin yogurt. The store bought “pumpkin yogurt” is always disappointing in my opinion, but this stuff is dee-licious! Pumpkin Yogurt: To make it delicious I do use sugar free pudding mix - which some people try to avoid … [Read more...]