Sunday Run


What? Why am I running on Sunday when I never run the day after a long run? Because Ben wants to start running! At least a little. He went on a run while I was in San Francisco and asked me if I wanted to run this morning. YES! I have never pushed him to run because it’s my thing and I don’t expect anyone to do it just because I do. But – if someone wants to run – then I’m … [Read more...]

I Love Lucy … and Wine


The rest of my Saturday was pretty lazy. I got a late start to the day, so it kinda went by fast. I’m a morning person and hate wasting the day in bed. Oh well. I drank some wine while Ben put our new furniture together… I snacked on a pear too. Side note: I think Ben hates wearing shirts. I don’t know why, but I don’t get it. We watched one of my favorites – I Love Lucy. … [Read more...]