My First Yassos


I started my day with my first speed work out ever. Well, I’m not positive ever, but probably. I’ve done Fartleks before after a night of beans, but who hasn’t? Anyways, I didn’t program my Garmin to do 800m intervals so I just started and stopped my watch every .50miles. It works, kinda. Hey, I never said I was Fancy. I did 4 x 800s – I start off slow unlike some hardcore … [Read more...]

Go Elf Yourself


After MamaPea elfed herself and her fam, I asked Ben… Me: “Do you want to elf yourself?” Ben: “You go f yourself!” Hahaha. Anyways, Ben didn’t want to elf himself (I can’t understand why not) so I thought I was missing out. But Chandra elfed me and our Healthy Living Summit roommates! Yes! I’ve been elfed! Meatless Mexican Monday came a day early today. I had fresh … [Read more...]