Salmon Salad Sandwich


I was on a mission for a protein filled lunch today. As I drove away from class I considered stopping at Subway for a tuny sandwich (that’s not misspelled, that’s how I like it), but I decided to make use of one of my cans of salmon instead. I piled what I could in between the toasted bread and scooped the rest on a salad. Looks a little heavy on the onions – I better go … [Read more...]

Always and Never


I always wear sweatshirts around the house. It’s like my “lazy day uniform”. Apparently every day is a lazy day around here? I should burn them all and never wear them again But I never wear them on runs – until today. I couldn’t find a running pull over and had to hurry it out the door to get in 3 miles before class. I always have packs of instant oatmeal in my house, … [Read more...]

Kohlrabi and Ask A Monica III


Have you ever heard of Kohlrabi? I hadn’t until this week when it arrived in my CSA delivery. Luckily it came with an explanation: “High in fiber and vitamins A and C, kohlrabi is a member of the Brassica family of vegetables – others are cabbage, broccoli and Brussel sprouts.” Since they’re in the same fam as brussel sprouts I decided to make them the same way. I chopped … [Read more...]