Fall Cleaning

Forget Spring cleaning – I went into full on Fall cleaning mode today and could not be stopped!

But before my cleaning escapade I had a massive smoothie in a bowl – ice, protein powder, frozen spinach, chia seeds and almond milk. This was another super thick one!

IMG 4366 thumb Fall Cleaning

One the side I had a piece of PB&PB toast and a small slice of zucchini bread.

IMG 4374 thumb Fall Cleaning

Then I took a short walk with my latest Runner’s World wlEmoticon smile25 Fall Cleaning 

When I got home I thought realized the house was a mess so I started cleaning… I’m not what one would call a neat freak – not at all. Actually, I’m quite the opposite – I am a very messy bear.

IMG 4387 thumb Fall Cleaning

But the messiness of our place has been getting to me for a while and I couldn’t take it anymore. I cleaned the kitchen, front room and bathroom somehow inhaling a ton of windex in the process because I can still taste/feel it in my throat wlEmoticon sadsmile5 Fall Cleaning . Maybe that’s why I don’t clean so much, I’m bad at it?

I even went through some of my still unpacked moving boxes and closet and filled up a suitcase with donations for the Goodwill. I even had things in there that had tags on them! I used to love to shop. Heck, I still love to shop I just can’t since I left my recruiting job over a year and a half ago. I hated that place, but the $ was good. But I digress…

IMG 4391 thumb Fall Cleaning

My closet still needs to be organized, but it’s a lot less messy now!

IMG 4389 thumb Fall Cleaning

I had a helper bear too! Matt came home with us last night and I put him to work. The people that lived here before us apparently had kids, lots of pens and pencils and no paper. Matt helped us get some of the marks off the walls. It was funny because he kept talking about how messy kids are, I don’t think he realizes he’s a kid!

IMG 4378 thumb Fall Cleaning

I am tragic and forgot to take this veggie tray to my mom’s for Thanksgiving dinner. So now Ben and I have this huge tray of veggies that will accompany every meal until it’s gone. Breakfast included. IMG 4376 thumb Fall Cleaning

We all enjoyed leftovers from Thanksgiving! I love cooking, but I LOVE leftovers too! You still get a great cooked meal, but don’t have a big mess in the kitchen (especially when you just cleaned said kitchen).

IMG 4375 thumb Fall Cleaning

Ben and Matt went to go get a Christmas tree. Last year we got a fake tree but we’re hoping this will really get us into the spirit wlEmoticon smile25 Fall Cleaning 

See ya in a bit!


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    I am glad to hear that not everyone is a neat freak. My mother is ALWAYS cleaning. If we leave anything out, it drives her crazy. I think I will show her this post so that she can see that not EVERYONE cleans every minute of every day!!
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and I cannot wait to see the christmas tree!!

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