Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Family, food and fun. Thanksgiving is the best day ever!

My family members all have their own special dishes that they contribute to turkey day. My Nina makes the best sweet potato casserole I’ve ever tried (on the right below) and my cousin Roxanne makes an amazing vegetable casserole. I made the cranberry sauce from organic cranberries from our CSA. It was dee-lish!

IMG 4350 thumb Happy Thanksgiving 2010

I brought green beans to add a tiny bit of health to the meal, but today really is about indulging, isn’t it?

I believe in moderation – even moderation wlEmoticon winkingsmile7 Happy Thanksgiving 2010 So, on Thanksgiving all bets are off.

IMG 4351 thumb Happy Thanksgiving 2010

We set up the food on the kitchen table and served ourselves here. The tables were set up in the front room.

IMG 4352 thumb Happy Thanksgiving 2010

But some people couldn’t wait to sit down! Actually I shouted “Look like you’re eating!” when I took this picture and he did wlEmoticon smile24 Happy Thanksgiving 2010

IMG 4353 thumb Happy Thanksgiving 2010

My plate, I took a little bit of everything. My cornbread stuffing didn’t change my life, but I got a few compliments on it. I may need to actually use a recipe next year, but that’s not usually my style.

IMG 4356 thumb Happy Thanksgiving 2010

The only picture I snapped of the fam was before everyone was sitting down. Hi fam!

IMG 4358 thumb Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Ben and I went to take a picture outside and Bailey jumped in. He is the most photogenic dog! I love it.

IMG 4364 thumb Happy Thanksgiving 2010

My mom, Roxanne, Ben, Matt and the dogs took a walk after dinner too! I love that my family is getting healthier. Easy, realistic suggestions truly do work.

I didn’t get any pictures of my dessert, but I’m sure there are a ton of pictures of pumpkin pie and doughballs flying around the internet. If not, I’ll eat another plate of them so I can show you, but please don’t ask me to do that – I’m already in the stretchiest yoga pants I own…

One of my weekly goals this week was to “Enjoy Thanksgiving, but don’t overdo it to the point that I want to die”. Well, I don’t want to die exactly, but I think I’m only half alive at this point. Good night.


  1. says

    Cornbread casserole sounds so good even if it didn’t change your life. It sounds like you and your family had a great Thanksgiving! The pic of you and Ben with the dog is adorable.

  2. Sally Kate says

    Your bangs look great in the pic of you and Ben! I have made cornbread stuffing the last two years and can never get it right- I blame the elevation (its my moms recipe from mississippi, and I live in Colorado) because it’s obviously not the cook :). Glad you had a happy healthy Thanksgiving!

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