Coming Home to Pancakes


Hi! I had a long run of 15 miles scheduled this morning, but decided to cut it to 14 because I didn’t bring enough fuel and decided it was for the best. I need to restock my Gu supply, because I do not like the chews I have. Before I left I fueled up with half a bagel w/ PB and coffee. It was cold and I needed a warm drink (um, I just wrote drank the first time – someone needs … [Read more...]

Glutton for Punishment


I am a glutton for punishment. These just came out of the oven… But, before I went down that path, I had dinner. I made a salad with leftover kidney bean couscous and gorgonzola cheese. TJ’s has an amazing Raspberry Gorgonzola dressing that goes perfect with extra G cheese. Have some today. With an amazing Pillsbury buttery biscuit. Why are these things irresistible? Right … [Read more...]