Food Hoarder


I am a food hoarder. But, I’m kinda bad at it because I was all out of bread this morning and had to walk to the store for some bagel thins. It was a craving that would not be stopped. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so give in to your breakie cravings, right? Plus it gave me the chance to get in a walk and loosen up my legs. I bought 46 pounds of grapes … [Read more...]

A Good Investment


Maybe some “real” plates would be a good investment, so I don’t have to disgrace the blog (and my lunch) with paper. Or maybe these paper plates are an investment in the skin on my hands, which is super dry from yesterday’s cleaning escapades. A good vegetarian meal is a good investment in your health. Added bonus if it’s a date night – it’s an investment in your … [Read more...]