A Good Investment

Maybe some “real” plates would be a good investment, so I don’t have to disgrace the blog (and my lunch) with paper. Or maybe these paper plates are an investment in the skin on my hands, which is super dry from yesterday’s cleaning escapades.


A good vegetarian meal is a good investment in your health. Added bonus if it’s a date night – it’s an investment in your relationship too!


I have to eat at a vegan restaurant for my Nutrition class. Apparently, my professor doesn’t realize we live in southern California where vegetarians are 2 for a dollar (Get it? Instead of a dime a dozen). Anyways, this assignment is super easy so I’m excited despite the fact that it’s nothing new.


Anyways, Ben and I had many options to choose from and decided on The Wheel of Life. It is a vegan restaurant in Irvine that we had been to once before.

We started with hot tea…


and “egg drop” soup. The egg in this situation was crumbled tofu. It was good, warm and comforting.


Salads are my favorite in the summer/spring, but soups win me over in the winter/fall.


For my entrée I ordered cashew chicken and added broccoli for some greens. I expected it to be a little sweeter and it wasn’t warm enough – in temperature or spice.


Ben got the Pad Thai with “shrimp” and tofu. The tofu shrimp looked very real too! Weird. I tried one and even though they didn’t have the exact same consistency of brainy little shrimp, I still didn’t like the texture. I’m starting to think I am a “texture person” when it comes to food. Never thought that before.


I LOVE when restaurants have brown rice! Love. Two kinds of rice are a good investment for any rice selling establishment.


The sign in the restaurant window lets you know loud and proud just what kind of place this is…


A few doors down from The Wheel of Life is a mochi café. Have you had mochi before? It’s a ball of ice cream wrapped in a rice dough wrapper. You basically bite into the ice cream ball like a pastry! Super cool experience if you’ve never tried it.

Ben got a green tea mochi and I had a small bite.


When we got home we had an impromptu photo shoot with our tree.


A fake tree is a good investment because those real ones cost $$$ !


A heater would probably be a good investment too because it’s not too comfortable to keep your jacket on in the house…


A camera with a timer is a good investment so you can take pictures with a buddy even when no one else is around Smile


Yesterday Ben and Matt disappeared for a while and came back with a  box of See’s Candy. I don’t think buying this was in the best interest of my jeans, but it’s a good investment in my taste buds?


I LOVE See’s Candy! The candy is super amazing, but it’s also a nostalgia thing for me because my mom would get a box for the holidays when I was a kid.


We would give them as gifts too! Always the Nuts and Chews box – that one is dee-lish. Ben brought home the Dark Chocolate box and I have to say this one is right up there!


The reason I adore See’s is this one treat in particular. Every time I see a box of See’s Candy I scan the box to check if my favorite is still there – a dark chocolate nougat and almond rectangle of bliss.


There are two others that look very similar so you have to be careful when you pick it out. It is slightly bigger than the others and the chocolate folds over a tiny bit on the top.

VICTORY! When I bit into my favorite I was super proud that I picked correctly!


Ultimately, the best investment is in yourself. At least according to my Fortune Cookie. IMG_4434

I actually really needed to read this tonight because I keep second guessing myself. I’m not making money right now and have been looking for a job without success. I guess I need to focus on the investments I am making in myself right now Smile

Okay, I am off to cuddle with my See’s Candy, I mean Ben…


  1. says

    I am really hoping some Sees makes its way into my world this holiday season. That’s about the only time I see it? My FAVORITE is the round one with the sprinkles in your picture..also known as the Bordeaux (yeah, I know that, and that’s sad).

  2. Katie R says

    When I lived in the Midwest, my Aunt & Uncle in CA would send a BIG box of See’s Candy to my Grandparents’ home each Christmas. In my family, the caramel ones were coveted, and through much trial and error (and half eaten chocolates), I learned that the caramels are generally the smooth-topped squares. One year, I found that a ‘guide’ to the candy was included, and I studied it intently…which meant no more half-eaten candies, but also it took some of the fun of the hunt for candy bliss :) Yay for See’s! (their lollipops are tasty too!)

  3. says

    This is too funny! I totally recognized the veggie place because I go to UCI and me and some friends went to the Mochi place recently. I love mochi! :) It’s quite pricey though :(
    I’m definitely trying to think about investments as well…I foresee myself being without a job for awhile post graduation. Ack the economy.
    What a fun assignment for class btw :p

  4. says

    I absolutely love see’s candy – my grandmother used to bring us a two pound box of the buttercreams when she lived in Utah – they are the best buttercreams on earth in my opinion.

  5. says

    Technically Mochi is pounded rice flavored and stuffed in different ways and colors. mochi ice cream though, that’s a whole different story and i’m glad you loved it! i buy the mochi ice cream balls they sell at tj’s, had those before? just as tasty!

  6. says

    buying/using paper plates is an investment in my sanity…working full-time, going to school and taking care of a house with two youngsters i am all for the paperplates..and then i can change them up when I get bored…:)

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