Despite the Cold

Despite the cold I still was craving a smoothie for breakfast. After 5.75 chilly miles outside you’d think I would want a warm bowl of oats, but nope – I wanted a green monster. IMG_4489

I had a bagel thin with PB&PB on the side. After a year of being obsessed with Almond Butter I’m back on the PB wagon.


Ben came home for lunch today because we had to switch out the car. Living with one car is okay right now, I just hope it stays that way.


The star of the lunch show was a few super ripe avocados. We snagged a few from my mom’s on T-day and they are perfect today. I scoop them out with a chip straight from the green skin.


Ben mentioned the other day that the vending machine at work had Diet Dr. Pepper. I told him the next time he wanted to buy me flowers he could bring me a can of that instead and he brought me one today Smile 


One of my November goals was to get organized and I’m still super behind on that. Better hit that stack of paper and my email ASAP!


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    Right on! Ben is so sweet!

    I don’t see my consumption of green monsters or smoothie bowls slowing down at all this winter. They’re too good. Just crank up the heater. :)

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    I like smoothies year round – although in the winter, oats typically take a front seat to smoothies.

    I picked up some English muffins to make an egg sandwich for breakfast tomorrow – I cannot wait. I have been thinking about one since reading your post earlier.

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