My Apologies


I’m sorry. I know there are only so many bowls of oats you can take before you start selecting “Mark All As Read” on your Google Reader. And only so many close ups of chia seeds too, I’m sorry. I know, I know, you get it – healthy people like tiny little $57.00 specs of pepper on any food they eat. I also want to apologize to myself for convincing my cold little brain … [Read more...]

Eggnog Yogurt


I picked up another holiday flavor yogurt at Target the other day. This time it was Eggnog. I was super excited to get my first taste of ‘nog for the season, but it wasn’t very eggnoggy. I think the Low Fat version might be better since I’m used to thicker Greek yogurt now. Luckily, I got Ben one of those and am planning on stealing it   I ate half of this salad … [Read more...]