Always and Never


I always wear sweatshirts around the house. It’s like my “lazy day uniform”. Apparently every day is a lazy day around here? I should burn them all and never wear them again But I never wear them on runs – until today. I couldn’t find a running pull over and had to hurry it out the door to get in 3 miles before class. I always have packs of instant oatmeal in my house, … [Read more...]

Kohlrabi and Ask A Monica III


Have you ever heard of Kohlrabi? I hadn’t until this week when it arrived in my CSA delivery. Luckily it came with an explanation: “High in fiber and vitamins A and C, kohlrabi is a member of the Brassica family of vegetables – others are cabbage, broccoli and Brussel sprouts.” Since they’re in the same fam as brussel sprouts I decided to make them the same way. I chopped … [Read more...]

My First Yassos


I started my day with my first speed work out ever. Well, I’m not positive ever, but probably. I’ve done Fartleks before after a night of beans, but who hasn’t? Anyways, I didn’t program my Garmin to do 800m intervals so I just started and stopped my watch every .50miles. It works, kinda. Hey, I never said I was Fancy. I did 4 x 800s – I start off slow unlike some hardcore … [Read more...]

Go Elf Yourself


After MamaPea elfed herself and her fam, I asked Ben… Me: “Do you want to elf yourself?” Ben: “You go f yourself!” Hahaha. Anyways, Ben didn’t want to elf himself (I can’t understand why not) so I thought I was missing out. But Chandra elfed me and our Healthy Living Summit roommates! Yes! I’ve been elfed! Meatless Mexican Monday came a day early today. I had fresh … [Read more...]

Sunday Run


What? Why am I running on Sunday when I never run the day after a long run? Because Ben wants to start running! At least a little. He went on a run while I was in San Francisco and asked me if I wanted to run this morning. YES! I have never pushed him to run because it’s my thing and I don’t expect anyone to do it just because I do. But – if someone wants to run – then I’m … [Read more...]

I Love Lucy … and Wine


The rest of my Saturday was pretty lazy. I got a late start to the day, so it kinda went by fast. I’m a morning person and hate wasting the day in bed. Oh well. I drank some wine while Ben put our new furniture together… I snacked on a pear too. Side note: I think Ben hates wearing shirts. I don’t know why, but I don’t get it. We watched one of my favorites – I Love Lucy. … [Read more...]

Getting Off Easy


I let myself off easy today and cut my run short – ended up doing 10.6 miles or so. Bah. It was raining and I couldn’t get my head in the game run. I figured that since I have 11 weeks until my race I could take one extra easy week before I get serious with my training. At least I ended up with a 9:14 pace, I thought I was going much slower. Okay. But that’s it! I don’t get … [Read more...]

It’s Not Pretty


Well, it seems I’ve had a relapse in my compulsive eating ways and it’s not pretty. It’s weird to actually even write that sentence, like I don’t want to admit to it and it feels all wrong. But this blog is a way for me to document both victories and mistakes in order to learn from them, so it is what it is. After lunch yesterday I registered for classes – most of which are … [Read more...]

Lunch at Lucille’s


Ben and I met my brother, Michael and his girlfriend, Heather for lunch today. I had gotten him and Ben gift certificates for Lucille’s Smokehouse a while back and we have been trying to plan a good time for months. Well, it finally worked out today! Lucille’s starts you out with the best biscuits, served with apple butter. They are buttery and the apple butter is to die … [Read more...]

Organic Spinach Smoothie


I try to buy organic spinach for my green monsters, but it has been going bad before I can use it lately.The cooler weather means I’m not making as many cold smoothies for breakfast! So when my CSA delivered organic spinach yesterday I knew I should make a Green Monster before the smoothie season comes to a complete close. Or as much of a close is possible when you live in … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday– Afternoon Ice Cream


It’s that time again – time for me to admit all my daily indiscretions on the internet because I feel the need to overdramatize eating ice cream as an afternoon snack. Guilty as charged. Confession #1: I threw together lunch while trying to organize papers and bills. Some people may be getting checks with ketchup on them. They should just be happy they’re getting paid. I … [Read more...]

Ben Tries Wick Wear


I am a heavy sweater and refuse to run in anything but wick wear. I’ve been telling Ben the joys of sweat wicking fabric for a long time, but I don’t think he believed me. See how happy it makes me? Yesterday I went out and got him a long sleeve tech tee to wear under his shirt. He’s been biking to work lately and I knew it would come in handy. He  was hesitant, but … [Read more...]

Easy Pumpkin Yogurt


I know the pumpkin craze is slowly winding down in blog-land, but you cannot let this season’s favorite squash go out of style before you try some good pumpkin yogurt. The store bought “pumpkin yogurt” is always disappointing in my opinion, but this stuff is dee-licious! Pumpkin Yogurt: To make it delicious I do use sugar free pudding mix - which some people try to avoid … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato with Protein


I LOVE carbs. I can eat bread and cookies and rice and cereal…until the cows come home. Often, I do just that. But, I have realized that I need protein to feel satiated. This is a problem since I don’t eat red meat and only recently have let the occasional piece of chicken sneak by. Sure, I eat fish, but who is cooking fish for lunch? No, seriously. Who is cooking fish, and … [Read more...]

Crunchy or Smooth?


I always rip off pieces of bread as I make toast. My bread is so doughy and delicious, I can’t help it! So, this is really 2 pieces of toast, eaten in parts. I like crunchy nut butter! And Crunchy apples! and cats crunching on leaves as they walk around outside   I’m only running 3 days this week – trying to prevent injuries post half marathon. Safety first! … [Read more...]

Wok This Way


One of my favorite wedding gifts was our wok. I always always wanted one! Especially since a stir-fry is my favorite dinner (at least among the ones I can cook). It’s the easiest way to make tofu (in my opinion) and you get a bunch of veggies with the meal too. This sucker is heavy though! It was empty and I could barely hold it with one hand. I got this sample at the … [Read more...]