The Best Part


The best part of realizing my visor is now in a tragic state is also realizing that this justifies buying a new one at the expo this weekend! Honestly though I am very picky about visors, so I might have to hunt around for a while and keep this one as is. Oh well, this visor worked just fine on my 5 miler today   The best part of getting the mail today was definitely … [Read more...]



Morning! I considered waking up early for a gym class before school, but talked myself out of it because I felt so tired yesterday. I still woke up with enough time to do some Abs and light arm exercises though   Then, it was time for a rushed breakfast. I got this bowl and spoon set from our trip to Curacao. I love it, but can never use this spoon. I’m weird about … [Read more...]

Tired All Day


I got 8+ hours of sleep last night, but was still tired all day   I’m hoping it’s just because of “girl stuff” and not because I’m getting sick. I have big plans for this weekend (like, a little thing called a half marathon!) so I cannot get sick. All I know is I desperately wanted to fall asleep ALL DAY. I made myself drink coffee around noon and it did nothing to help. … [Read more...]