Morning! I considered waking up early for a gym class before school, but talked myself out of it because I felt so tired yesterday. I still woke up with enough time to do some Abs and light arm exercises though Smile 

Then, it was time for a rushed breakfast. I got this bowl and spoon set from our trip to Curacao.


I love it, but can never use this spoon. I’m weird about silverware and have to use specific ones depending on what I’m eating. I maybe maybe would use this for soup, but probably not since I already have a spoon I consider my soup spoon.


This is my oatmeal and yogurt spoon. Sometimes it’s my smoothie spoon – but only if I’m eating the smoothie as a smoothie and NOT a SIAB.


I also have a fork I use for salads and noodles. Doesn’t everyone?

Speaking of Curacao, this is one of my most Google searched posts because of the title. Sorry pervs, this isn’t what you’re looking for…

Question: Do you have special dishes or silverware you use depending on the meal?


  1. Yin says

    I love love your bowl and spoon! It’s so cute and just the right size :)

    And to answer your question, I do but I basically use chopsticks for anything if I don’t have any utensils nearby heh.

  2. says

    I’m absolutely picky about my silverware. It drives me crazy if what I’m using doesn’t feel right. I need thick forks for salads; I use the forks I have that aren’t as sturdy for foods that aren’t as thick. And I HAVE to use salad forks in general. (The short ones). The forks with longer tines drive me insane!

    Yeah, we’re both crazy.

  3. says

    The Google Searches are the best. I get the WEIRDEST stuff. In fact, someone found my blog searching for Miley Cyres?! I’ve never in my life talked about her. What the heck?

  4. says

    Sadly, I do not. I just eat out of whatever is clean. But I did just order soda fountain glasses for smoothies. Fun glasses make everything more fun! :)

  5. says

    It is a running joke in my house that I am a “little spoon” person and my boyfriend is a “big spoon” person. I can ONLY eat with teeny, tiny spoons, and he thinks they’re pointless (“you can’t get ANY food into your mouth with those things!”). I just love little bites!

  6. says

    I’m specific about my silverware, too. I used to have a hodge podge collection and then we got married and registered for a full, proper set. It took some getting used to! But even still, I always use the smaller utensils – the big ones are overbearing. :)

  7. Elliott says

    I can totally relate. I have an oatmeal spoon, a yogurt spoon, and a dinner fork that I wash just to eat with it I am very picky about my utensils, and kind of have an obsession with spoons! I am always bringing new ones into the house…the thrift store is an awesome place to shop for interesting utensils!

  8. says

    I have regular spoons that came with my silverware set, and I use them for making tea and stirring things. But when it comes to everything else (oatmeal, soup, ice cream, etc — I wash it several times a day), I have an oddball spoon that’s just a little bit smaller. It’s known as my ‘eatin’ spoon’, and nobody better get between me and mah eatin’ spoon!

  9. ida says

    I love your bowl! I’ve been searching for one with a handle. I like using plastic silverwear b/c it doesn’t conduct heat. i save spoons from froyo places and reuse them.

  10. Susan says

    Monica, I just wanted to curse/thank you for introducing me to TJ’s pumpkin cream cheese. I love it tooooo much!

  11. s says

    omg! i have a spoon i use every day for breakfast. so yes. also a spoon/fork at work i really like. i feel less weird after reading this post and seeing that other people are picky silverware users as well. haha.

  12. shannen says

    LOVE THIS QUESTION. baby plastic spoon for scooping PB out of the jar, long iced tea spoon for oatmeal and my korean chopsticks for all green veggies XD

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