The Real Reason


The real reason I complain about the cold, even though I live in SoCal, is probably because I am addicted to smoothies for breakfast. The real reason I am going to be tired for this weekend’s race is because I didn’t take a mid-week rest day from running this week. I didn’t realize that until I was at mile 3 of an easy 4 miler this morning. Fail. The reason reason I never … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday : Orange Foods


I have eaten A LOT of orange foods today… Yes, this is a sweet potato the size of a dinner plate. Thank you. Okay, okay – and  A LOT of “chocolate colored” foods too… If not for Greek yogurt my main protein source would be chocolate. If they made a steak shaped chocolate bar my life would be complete. But, I would still eat the yogurt. I don’t feel good. All week … [Read more...]