Confession Thursday : Orange Foods

I have eaten A LOT of orange foods today…


Yes, this is a sweet potato the size of a dinner plate. Thank you.


Okay, okay – and  A LOT of “chocolate colored” foods too…


If not for Greek yogurt my main protein source would be chocolate. If they made a steak shaped chocolate bar my life would be complete. But, I would still eat the yogurt.IMG_4643

I don’t feel good. All week I have felt legitimately sick in the afternoons. I don’t know what it is, but it’s scares me because it hasn’t gotten any better Sad smile

Hopefully, it’s nothing a little binge drinking can’t cure… just-pour-it-right-in-my-face



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    I’m with you on the chocolate! And even though I tell myself to buy medium-sized potatoes, I always end up grabbing an enormous one. I’ve been feeling a bit sick, too – but in the mornings and later at night. Speaking of, I should probably stop reading blogs and get to sleep now. :) Hope you are feeling 100% tomorrow!

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    I’m with you on the sick thing. I’m definitely coming down with something and I just received an invitation for day-drinking on Saturday…decisions decisions…I mean the alcohol could very well kill off whatever infection we have right? So it is totally acceptable…

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    I’ve been eating a LOT of orange foods, too, lately. I am OBSESSED with sweet potatoes and butternut squash. I’m just waiting to see my skin start turning orange!

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