Bad Bangs and Burritos


I carb-loaded with a massive burrito last night. We tried to fix my bangs yesterday and they just got worse. Heather is a stylist, so it’s not like I was doing it myself, but they are beyond repair. Guess I have to wait it out! Sorry, I thought this pic was hilarious. I wasn’t even hungry after all those M&Ms, but didn’t want to skip dinner. This weekend’s eating … [Read more...]

Rock N Roll Las Vegas Expo


When we finally woke up today I did not feel like going anywhere but I was HUNGRY! Luckily I brought snacks for the weekend, so Luna bars and a banana made up breakfast. Actually one of the Luna bars made a midnight snack and I found the wrapper this morning. I didn’t feel like drinking coffee, but I thought it would be a good idea considering the circumstances. So after … [Read more...]