Weather Check Fail -Throw Away Gear

When I ran the Disney World Marathon in January I knew it was going to be cold. To prepare I bought “throw away gear” from the Good Will. I got a sweat shirt and a pair of sweat pants that I planned to toss at the starting line.

before marathon

I cut the pants up the sides and the sweat shirt up the front so they would be easy to rip off. Unfortunately, it was sooooooo cold I wanted to keep them on! Florida threw us a curveball and the temps were at record lows.  It was crazy – there were even icy spots on the ground. In Florida.

There was no way I could run with the pants – they were barely being held together with a few pieces of tape. So, I had to get rid of those. I kept the sweat shirt on the whole time and kept trying to tie it shut during the race. My hands were freezing and I couldn’t feel my fingers, so that was impossible.

monica castle

Why am I telling you this? Well, because I thought it was going to be cold enough for me to keep all my gear on during the Las Vegas half marathon yesterday so I wore my favorite pink long sleeve pull over. I realized before the starting gun even went off that I didn’t want to keep it on. So, I threw away my favorite shirt Sad smile

All the collect gear is donated, so maybe there is someone out there who will appreciate it as much as I did.

Just goes to show that I need to read the weather report a little more carefully before races. I am 2 for 2 at failing with this. Boo to me.

Lunch time! I threw together a salad and wrap combo.


Two veggie dogs went into this lunch – one on my salad…


and one inside the wrap.


Now I’m sipping on tea to keep me awake while I read.IMG_4809


  1. says

    I like that all the collected gear goes to charity, but I’m sorry you had to give away your favorite top.
    We’re running the Disney Marathon next month and I’m already thinking about the weather. My mom says it’s cold there now, which hopefully means the cold will be out of Florida’s system before january 9th.
    We ran a 5k this weekend in 27ish degree weather. It took 1.5 miles before my fingers unfroze.

  2. says

    I did the same thing during my last 1/2 marathon but with my Camel Back. After mile 2, I realized it was poking into my lower back and causing a huge welt, so I threw it off and never saw it again. Shame but there is NO way I would have survived 11 more miles with a sharp scraping feeling in my side. I understand. I hope you can get it back though.

  3. says

    i remember when caitlin and her best friend got parkas from good will and kept them on forever during that race!

    i’m a sucker for weather on race days; ok, not a sucker, more like obsessed. i have optimal temps for running. i’m picky, but can’t do anything about them.

  4. Ida says

    What a bummer about your favorite shirt. I am such a whimp about being cold at race starts and always over dress. But with shirts I really like, I tie them around my waist- makes for really hot race photos, let me tell you!

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