First Test, Then Run

I skipped my run this morning to cram a bit before my test. I have not been able to concentrate as much as I need to and this weekend didn’t help! So, a bagel, coffee and my notes made up breakfast.

IMG 4837 thumb First Test, Then Run

These are the high-protein bagels I mentioned the other day – Western bagel’s Perfect 10. They are low cal and high protein BUT they taste a little weird. I don’t know how to describe it, all I know is both Ben and my little brother thought they were gross – and they had no clue they were “different” bagels before tasting them.

IMG 4840 thumb First Test, Then Run

Fun fact: Our Christmas tree lights are hooked up to the same switch that keeps our internet on, so if I’m on the computer I’m also in Christmas mode wlEmoticon smile8 First Test, Then Run 

IMG 4842 thumb First Test, Then Run

Okay, I should stop OD-ing on grapes and get in a littler run!


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    You know I’ve heard of those bagels but have never tried them. They used to be the best low-point bagels for WW, but I’ve heard Weight Watchers rolled out a new plan to encourage people to eat healthier/less processed foods. I’m curious what the new points value would be!

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    For awhile I ate those Bagel Thin things all the time. It was a good, low calorie substitution but I eventually realized I’d rather eat half of a real bagel then the Bagel thins…

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    I’ve been cramming all week. It sucks!!!! I’m so over it.

    I am not a fan of those bagels either. No thank you. I find that they need extra pb or cream cheese to be good enough for me to eat thus negating their purpose.

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