First Test, Then Run

I skipped my run this morning to cram a bit before my test. I have not been able to concentrate as much as I need to and this weekend didn’t help! So, a bagel, coffee and my notes made up breakfast.


These are the high-protein bagels I mentioned the other day – Western bagel’s Perfect 10. They are low cal and high protein BUT they taste a little weird. I don’t know how to describe it, all I know is both Ben and my little brother thought they were gross – and they had no clue they were “different” bagels before tasting them.


Fun fact: Our Christmas tree lights are hooked up to the same switch that keeps our internet on, so if I’m on the computer I’m also in Christmas mode Smile 


Okay, I should stop OD-ing on grapes and get in a littler run!


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    You know I’ve heard of those bagels but have never tried them. They used to be the best low-point bagels for WW, but I’ve heard Weight Watchers rolled out a new plan to encourage people to eat healthier/less processed foods. I’m curious what the new points value would be!

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    For awhile I ate those Bagel Thin things all the time. It was a good, low calorie substitution but I eventually realized I’d rather eat half of a real bagel then the Bagel thins…

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    I’ve been cramming all week. It sucks!!!! I’m so over it.

    I am not a fan of those bagels either. No thank you. I find that they need extra pb or cream cheese to be good enough for me to eat thus negating their purpose.

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