Black Running Shirt


I have to make myself buy a color other than white running shirts. They’re my all time favorite! So, I have yellow, pink and a few other light colors that have really grown on me. I even bought an orange one for marathon training! As long as they’re light and bright, I like colorful shirts now. But today I tried a big black one. Yes, that is what she said. The Las Vegas Half … [Read more...]

Announcement: Fitbloggin 2011


I’m speaking at Fitbloggin’ !!! I went last year and had a blast so when I was asked to speak I jumped at the chance. More details to follow, but I wanted to share the cool news After a very granola filled afternoon I kept dinner light. But, don’t get me wrong - this is a massive bowl. A massive bowl of healthy goodness at least. Ben is in love with Marzipan so I picked … [Read more...]

It Wasn’t Enough


I used the almost empty hummus container for my salad at lunch. The hummus left on the bottom wasn’t enough and I wish I had a dressing that was compatible to pour on top. I brought home groceries from Costco and Vegas claimed the box for himself. As I was putting away the groceries I realized my cupboards are a mess of un-organization. They stress me out anytime I am … [Read more...]