Announcement: Fitbloggin 2011

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I’m speaking at Fitbloggin’ !!! I went last year and had a blast so when I was asked to speak I jumped at the chance. More details to follow, but I wanted to share the cool news wlEmoticon smile10 Announcement: Fitbloggin 2011

After a very granola filled afternoon I kept dinner light. But, don’t get me wrong – this is a massive bowl. A massive bowl of healthy goodness at least.

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Ben is in love with Marzipan so I picked up this Stollen from TJ’s today. He loves me significantly more now. IMG 4870 thumb Announcement: Fitbloggin 2011

Then when he saw that his dinner involved bacon, I think he cried a single tear. It was beautiful. I wanted to add this picture because I don’t know if I’ve ever cooked bacon before this and it is SCARY! Bacon is all crazy and angry when you cook it – just waiting for you to get too close to the pan so it can burn you. Scary.

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The race photos from the Las Vegas Half Marathon are up! I usually like race photos, but I really don’t like any of these this time wlEmoticon sadsmile3 Announcement: Fitbloggin 2011 

This is the best one of me and it pains me to look at. I’m trying not to break it down into a list of my flaws - I normally don’t do that, so it’s weird. And it’s very hard to stop myself. But I realize it wouldn’t do anything good for me, so I resist.

Las Vegas Half 1 thumb Announcement: Fitbloggin 2011


Las Vegas Half 2 thumb Announcement: Fitbloggin 2011

At least this one after the finish line is fun!

Las Vegas Half 3 thumb Announcement: Fitbloggin 2011

Question: If you were a show girl what color feather boa would you wear?

Me: I should pick Green, but I want Pink.

Ben votes I wear white. He is weird.


  1. says

    Congrats on getting to speak at Fit Bloggin’! My goals for next year include getting to a blog conference or 2 :)

    I would want a sparkly pink boa!


  2. says

    I am hoping to attend FitBloggin this year!! I haven’t registered yet, but I am hoping to do so right after Christmas!! YAY!! I would totally wear Pink!

  3. says

    How awesome! I’m actually moving to Maryland after New Years, it would be super sweet to attend the conference. Lets see, If I had a feather boa, it would be bright red with sparkles. I likes to keep it gaudy :)

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