Black Running Shirt

I have to make myself buy a color other than white running shirts. They’re my all time favorite! So, I have yellow, pink and a few other light colors that have really grown on me. I even bought an orange one for marathon training! As long as they’re light and bright, I like colorful shirts now.

But today I tried a big black one. Yes, that is what she said.

The Las Vegas Half Marathon shirt is black. I ordered it a little big, so it’s kind of messy – but I’d rather it be a little too big than too small, right? IMG_4872

I am a little afraid that black isn’t the best color to run in because of overheating, but it’s a fun graphic. And I would have never bought myself this color otherwise, so I guess it’s a new experience too.


I did 4 miles in my black shirt and was overheating. And it’s December. I don’t think this shirt is going to work past February around here – it makes me too hot Sad smile

I wanted an orange for breakfast – that was the priority. I enjoyed it with an egg scramble and a bagel thin with pumpkin cream cheese.


The Pumpkin Cream Cheese might just be the highlight of this holiday season’s flavors! IMG_4877

Have a good day!


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    I’m the opposite. White is my least favorite color to wear. I wear a lot of black and pink. Sometimes I throw in a little turquoise for variety.

  2. says

    I like white/light shirts, too — not digging the black LVRnR shirt much, either. But at least I won’t have to worry about it being too hot here in Minnesota for a long while!

  3. says

    Someone is going to google…”big, black one” and find your blog. Amazing.

    Black running shirts make me too hot as well. But white ones make me paranoid that i am going to have sweat stains. I sweat a ton when I run. TMI?

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    I never buy white running shirts since they always show ‘wear’ first, so I’m the opposite and usually buy black! Oh, and I totally have that orange running shirt; don’t you feel like you should help out the construction workers in orange vests every time you run by a construction sitet? No? Just me? Okay… I have problems.

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    Okay first, I always run in black for some reason. And second, I’m insanely jealous and I’m not even going to hide it, that you are one. still running in short sleeves, and two. overheating while running.
    I fear if I step outside to run now, I will freeze solid. Like a statue.

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