It Wasn’t Enough

I used the almost empty hummus container for my salad at lunch. The hummus left on the bottom wasn’t enough and I wish I had a dressing that was compatible to pour on top.


I brought home groceries from Costco and Vegas claimed the box for himself.


As I was putting away the groceries I realized my cupboards are a mess of un-organization. They stress me out anytime I am trying to quickly throw together a meal! I decided just putting away the groceries wasn’t enough, so I pulled everything out and got my crap food in order!


I already had plastic containers that were supposed to keep me organized, but I didn’t stay on top of them and it was a mess. Now I see that I don’t need to buy pasta for a while – something I couldn’t tell from the depths of my drawers.


I also learned that I have 2 boxes of each of my 2 favorite seasonal Trader Joe’s teas! I guess 1 box isn’t enough!  I am sipping on a cup now Smile


After my cupboard cleaning rampage I went on a 5 mile run. I felt tired and sluggish so I went slow. It felt good to get outside though.

God made dirt so dirt don’t hurt. Or at least you can’t taste it in a smoothie Winking smile


Post run I made a massive Smoothie in a Bowl topped with a few servings of cereal.


But, that smoothie wasn’t enough.

So, I added a bowl of cereals, a few crackers with PB&PB and then a bowl of granola. That was probably more than enough, but I’m  not overly full right now, so it is what it is.


I should take a shower. Changing out of running clothes is never enough for this sweaty beast!


  1. says

    I ate one tbs of Egg Nog ice wasn’t enough…I feel horrible watching the biggest loser while eating egg nog ice cream…but it was just one of those days…

    congrats on the organization…it i always a great feeling!!!

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