It Was A Bust


My long run today was a bust I didn’t announce how far I was going because I had a bad feeling that today wasn’t the day. First though, I really think I would fit in with Dog The Bounty Hunter’s crew today. I don’t know why, but I feel like I look like a bounty hunter today. No? Yes? Maybe? And welcome to the most random blog you read. Thanks for stopping by. Back to my … [Read more...]

Fueling Up Fridays


I have a long run planned today. I had to change my schedule around to fit in a fun run on Sunday   It feels so weird though. So, I’m fueling up and getting ready to head out. I bought a massive pack of these at Costco this week. I did this while training for Long Beach too – so I always have Gatorade on hand. See ya later! Question: What color / flavor gatorade … [Read more...]

God Bless Joe


Is there really a Joe? You know, Joe behind Trader Joes? Because if there is I owe him a beer or something. I visited the Trader today. First I picked up Chicken-less Strips so I could eat meat free without feeling deprived. For dinner I made a hot salad with onions, broccoli slaw, TJ’s Peanut Sauce (again, courtesy of  Joe), soy sauce, dash of maple syrup and … [Read more...]