God Bless Joe

Is there really a Joe? You know, Joe behind Trader Joes?

Because if there is I owe him a beer or something.

I visited the Trader today. First I picked up Chicken-less Strips so I could eat meat free without feeling deprived.

IMG 4920 thumb God Bless Joe

For dinner I made a hot salad with onions, broccoli slaw, TJ’s Peanut Sauce (again, courtesy of  Joe), soy sauce, dash of maple syrup and chicken-less strips. IMG 4926 thumb God Bless JoeI wish I would have remembered to pick up peanuts – that was the only thing missing. IMG 4924 thumb God Bless Joe

Then, once you have hot salad for dinner you can indulge in the most recent Trader Joe’s delicacy – Chocolate Covered Joe-Joe’s. IMG 4927 thumb God Bless Joe

Oh wait, it gets better – there are four flavors: dark chocolate covered chocolate Joe’s, dark chocolate covered peppermint, peanut butter covered milk chocolate and white chocolate covered ginger Joe’s.

Double chocolate:

IMG 4929 thumb God Bless Joe

Double happiness.

IMG 4930 thumb God Bless Joe

Thank you Joe. Thank you.

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  1. says

    I miss having a trader joes close : p

    wow those look soooooooooooooooo good!!!! I would have a problem not eating all those yummy chocolate joe-joes!

  2. says

    TJs is amazing and those cookies look ridiculous they could be the death of me. I am so addicted to the peanut sauce, it says like 17 servings in a jar, yet somehow I’ve made four stirfrys and its nearly empty. I might try those chicken strips too!

  3. Deirdre says

    Oh goodness, those cookies are not good to have in the house – I tried that a few weeks ago – best of luck to you ; )

  4. says

    I’m not much of a fan of the chicken-less strips, I happen to love Quorn brand chicken-less items the best.

    And omg I need those cookies in my life!! I’m going to TJ’s tonight, I kind of hope they’re out of stock lol.

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