It Was A Bust

My long run today was a bust wlEmoticon sadsmile5 It Was A Bust I didn’t announce how far I was going because I had a bad feeling that today wasn’t the day.

First though, I really think I would fit in with Dog The Bounty Hunter’s crew today. I don’t know why, but I feel like I look like a bounty hunter today. No? Yes? Maybe?IMG 4938 thumb It Was A Bust

And welcome to the most random blog you read. Thanks for stopping by.

Back to my running: I went out with the intention to do 16 miles, but that quickly changed to 14, which then changed to 13.5 with a lot of walking.

At first I was super frustrated and disappointed. Ben and I talked about my goals this week and before he left for work he told me to push myself and do it wlEmoticon smile15 It Was A Bust

So, I felt like a huge failure, which only made me want to walk more.

*I also thought my route was 16 miles round trip and when I got to the end of the trail at 6.7 I just wanted to turn around. I ended up finding a way to do 7 and then turned around though. I think if the route was 8 out I would have done it because I would have had no choice, but I still would have walked a TON.

Then, I went over this week of running. I am very “set in my ways” with regards to my running days. I do long runs on Saturdays. Rest on Sundays. Repeat. It’s my little life and I like it.

Today’s Friday run threw me for a loop. But it was more than that. I don’t think I was fully recovered from the half this weekend. My legs felt tired all day Monday and Tuesday – probably because I didn’t take a cold water bath after. I did that after the Malibu half and didn’t feel as run down the following week.

Anyways, the combination of me having strong similarities to Rain Man and needing to stick to my schedule plus running a half marathon 5 days ago did not make for a good long run today.

And I’m sad.

But, this has also been a ton of excuses that I need to sift through to find the real problems so I can fix them.

Writing all this out has proved to be a learning experience.
people are afraid to stop you It Was A Bust

I learned:

1. I need to ice and stretch after long runs and races if I want to recover quickly.

2. If I want to race more (and I do) I need to factor that into my recovery and training. I need to do long runs on other days and it’s not the end of California.

3. I need to push myself harder.  I can’t wait for all the stars to align for me to have a good run. I can’t make excuses if I want to PR. I have to get used to being uncomfortable and just accept it.

4. A Lean Cuisine frozen pizza does not satisfy a “real” pizza craving. Oh, but that has nothing to do with running I guess.

When I got back from my run I ate half of a Snickers protein bar. Yes, these taste like a “real” Snickers and I like them. Took a cold water bath – no ice.

Then, ate pizza and pears and salad. IMG 4943 thumb It Was A Bust

IMG 4945 thumb It Was A Bust

And dessert – Vitabrownie with pumpkin cream cheese. Which was almost gone when I decided to take a picture of it. IMG 4948 thumb It Was A Bust

Now I have a paper to do and I will be MIA until tonight. For real. Like, if you see me here then tell me to go away.
computertime It Was A Bust

Question: Who else wants pizza?!

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  1. says

    I’m sorry Monica. I had an equally tragic 16 mile run today. You’re not alone. 16 miles turned to 13 due to a hurt hip (injured in kick boxing) and a running partner with a bum knee. The 3 mile walk to our car was the coldest walk I’ve ever walked. It’s hard not to feel demoralized after a tough run, but you know you’re strong. You know you can do it. Best wishes for a stronger long run next time!

  2. Ida says

    You did just set a 1/2 marathon PR 5 days ago! I don’t think you should be disappointed in 13.5 at all. And it sounds like you learned some important points on today’s run.

  3. says

    glad that you learned something so something positive has come out of this. i’m very set in my ways too with how i set up my runs during the week

  4. Ella says

    I want pizza. And I have a paper to be writing.

    I love how random your blog is – and don’t be so hard on yourself! Atleast you got out there, and thats a success in its own (:.

    I ment to run today, wasn’t feeling it, settled on an hour of elyptical, and quit after 40 minutes. Oh well. Atleast I found time in my busy studying for finals/mental break down that has been my weekend.

  5. says

    I totally had one of those days too. Although I was only trying to go 8 miles and ended it at 4. Some days your legs just don’t have it. It’s a bummer. I do love those Lean Cuisine pizzas though, have you tried the Weight Watchers minis? I kind of eat too many of them, but they’re the only “bad” frozen meals I’ll indulge in.

  6. says

    I have been craving pizza for days! (it would have been weeks but we caved this past weekend and ordered out, now I’m really craving pizza) tomorrow I’m doing a girls night with homemade pizza :)

  7. says

    I totally want pizza..and we normally have it on Friday nights but tonight we’re going out.

    I TOTALLY agree with #1 and #3 on your list. Ice baths are AMAZING (even though they really suck the first few minutes), and tempo runs are a total pain, but they definitely pay off.

  8. Heidi says

    I know how you feel; I’m pretty set in my ways as well. I like to do my long runs on Saturday morning, and I used to take Sundays off (who doesn’t like a few drinks after a super long run??) but lately as the long runs get longer and longer (training for marathon #2 in Jan) I’ve noticed that I do better if I take Fridays off instead. My muscles are rested and ready to go. And I’ve found that little “recovery runs” on Sundays, like 5-6 miles, help too. Anyhow, I’m sure you were not looking for my un-solicited advice :) but it really helped me push through.
    keep it up, you are totally rad.

  9. says

    ah Mon. you’re too hard on yourself. there are days where we will have runs that simply do no work. I know you’re set on schedules, but being flexible is the best part of running, cause you can do it anytime and anywhere! I’ve had many times where i’m supposed to do a long run and i get 1/4 way through it, know i won’t make it, and turn around for home. then i try again the next day, or the day after to recover a little. no shame in taking time my dear!

    btw, why are you running a 16 miler after a 1/2 anyhow!? did i forget about another race?! i have short term memory…forgive me.

  10. says

    No pizza can match Amy’s Roasted Veggie pizza in my mind. I get the one on the rice crust since it’s gluten-free. Oh my gosh…soo amazingly good. Too bad it’s ridiculously expensive. But I love that it is clean, vegan, and doesn’t have the gluten that plagues me so!

  11. Wazzup says

    I had a small slice of pizza DURING my 14 mile run this morning (at mile 12). They were giving samples away and I took a small detour to get me some :-)

    It was the best pizza EVER !!!

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