Saturday Walk Not Run


Today was very weird. It was the first Saturday in over six months that I was home, but didn’t go on a run. I had been training for Long Beach since we moved back to California and every Saturday morning I’d get up and out before Ben was even awake. But since I attempted a long-ish run yesterday and am doing 9 miles with Bobbi tomorrow I knew today called for some abs and a … [Read more...]

PB Chocolate Chip Cookies for One (or Two)


I love chocolate chip cookies. I do. Probably more than you do. I own a book called, “He was only a chocolate chip cookie, but I loved him”. No lie. Anyways, I wanted chocolate chip cookies tonight for dessert so I threw together a batch. In order to make them on the healthy side I used Peanut Butter instead of butter and half peanut flour to pump up the protein. Peanut … [Read more...]