Saturday Walk Not Run


Today was very weird. It was the first Saturday in over six months that I was home, but didn’t go on a run. I had been training for Long Beach since we moved back to California and every Saturday morning I’d get up and out before Ben was even awake.


But since I attempted a long-ish run yesterday and am doing 9 miles with Bobbi tomorrow I knew today called for some abs and a relaxing walk.

I took Ben on a local path that I love, but try to “save” for when I have company.


It’s an absolutely gorgeous day! But I have to stay inside for the rest of it and study. Boo. I think I’m going to try and get out for another short walk before it gets dark though. It’s too pretty to avoid it.


When we got back from our walk there was a lady selling tamales near our condo. Yes, I am at home Smile Anyways, Ben bought a few chicken tamales and a sweet one. I’ve had sweet tamales before, but this was a strawberry sweet tamale! I never had this kind. IMG_4971

She was also selling champurrado. IMG_4970

Tamales are an anytime food – breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack, it all works. But if you eat them for breakfast you’re supposed to put a fried egg on top. It’s just a fact. IMG_4976

I made a scramble with veggies and soy chorizo. Tortilla on the bottom for scooping up bites. And I have to admit that I ate an entire 20 pound container of grapes from Costco this week. IMG_4982

It was steeeeeeaaamy!IMG_4977IMG_4980

Now I must be productive. I cannot wait until this semester is over so I can clean my house and make some updates to RER!

Have a good day.


  1. Kianni says

    We have a lady over here that walks buy everyday all around the neighborhood ith her shopping cart/ice chest/umbrella. shouting
    “TA-MA-LE-S! CHAM-PU-RRA-DOS!” and honks her little horn too sometimes. My Grandma always thinks of buying one but…not yet.

  2. says

    That strawberry tamale looks really tasty.
    When my husband was stationed at Ft. Huachuca, AZ, which is very close to the Mexican border, a lady would sell tamales in the Safeway parking lot. I never bought any, because I’m sort of squicked out by purchasing food in a parking lot, but I’m sure they were really tasty.

  3. Ella says

    People sell food by your condo?! OH man. That sounds delicious.

    I hear ya, I need this semester to be over too. I would like a chance to regain my sanity and wax my eyebrows..

  4. says

    Oh wow, strawberry tamale! My mom’s family makes tamales every Christmas — but I’ve never seen a pink one. Now I’m tempted to try to see if I can make different colored ones. Intense

  5. says

    I love tamales but I’ve never had one with an egg on top. Iiiiinteresting!!

    I have to say I recently found your blog and I love your ambition and personality.

    P.S. I love your red hair. I always wanted to be a red head for some reason.

  6. says

    I am so with you…I feel like this has been the longest semester in history..and my kids, house, and eyebrows are totally paying the price…I have my last final on Thursday!! YAYA!! I have never had a tamale..humf:/

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