A Real Fun Run


This morning I ran a fun run! Bobbi invited me to join her and her running buddies for a replay of last week’s 15K in Loma Linda. The girls didn’t run the actual race for various reasons, but still wanted to do their own race! Bobbi and Loma Linda are about an hour away from me so I took some fuel for the journey. About an hour and $5.00 in tolls later () I met up with … [Read more...]



Lunch was a random big salad with leftovers on top… I was going to have crackers on the side, but I didn’t. Instead I was a stealer. No, not that kind of Stealer. Even though I wouldn’t mind a little two hand touch with one of these guys… (source) I stole Ben’s toast at lunch because it was too good. I buttered it up and sprinkled garlic salt on it. I can’t resist me … [Read more...]