Lunch was a random big salad with leftovers on top…


I was going to have crackers on the side, but I didn’t. Instead I was a stealer.

No, not that kind of Stealer. Even though I wouldn’t mind a little two hand touch with one of these guys…



I stole Ben’s toast at lunch because it was too good. I buttered it up and sprinkled garlic salt on it. I can’t resist me some garlic. Consider me the opposite of a vampire. So I’m guessing no one even wants to play two hand touch with my fuming garlic breath. Boo.


I also stole my cat’s dignity by putting him my backpack and carrying him around the house.


But the cat quickly stole it back by using Ben as a bed.

“I claim this land in the name of Vegas!”IMG_4995

Someone decided not to eat their full 6 cookie serving last night so I snacked on a few this afternoon. I think it’s obvious that that someone was not me. If I ever decide to not finish my cookies call the doctor as I am obviously delirious. IMG_4964

Ben and I took a walk to the store for a few things and he suggested picking up a few sliced of pizza on the way back. There is a local chain that sells it by the slice on our route.  I considered passing it up for something at home, but I realized I would just end up stealing half his food if I did that. IMG_4998

So I picked out a veggie piece and enjoyed it without the guilt of theft looming over me. But let’s just say he “donated” his crust to me.IMG_4997

I also made some broccoli to have on the side. Usually Ben tries to steal my veggies, but he didn’t tonight. Guess he’s not in the broccoli stealing mood?


Now it’s time for dessert! I know you wish you could steal these from me! Well, unless you get here within the next 10 minutes you’ll only have the empty box to take… tjs cookies


  1. says

    I wonder what would happen if a vampire ate garlic. Would they die? Or just be in a lot of pain? And how much pain? Because, I’m trying to figure out, if I ever turn vampire, how I could still fit garlic into my diet. Maybe it just gives you hives. That would be worth it.

  2. Phebe says

    Monica, have you tried the peppermint Joe-Joes? They are like oreos with crushed up candy canes mixed in with the filling. They are so good but they’re only available around this time of the year and they often sell out. Get while they’re hot!

  3. says

    Hello, new reader here! I am definitely a stealer! Especially when it comes chips (what you would call fries)! Although I think my boyfriend is the worst culprit. He’s quite a fast eater, so when he has finished eating, he will start picking at my plate! Drives me mad! Is it wrong of me to admit, that when we go out for food, I’ll order something I know he doesn’t like, just so that I can have it all to myself? I’m such a bad girlfriend!

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