One More Day


I have one more crazy day of school stuff before I can relax celebrate Matt’s birthday and Ben’s Christmas Party (for work). But first there were cookies to frost! I volunteered to make Eggnog Cookies for Tina’s bake sale. My first batch looked kinda sad, but I figured out how to improve them and now I think they’re pretty awesome. I hope the person I’m sending them to … [Read more...]

Things My Mom Didn’t Teach Me


1. My mom never taught me to share, so I eat the whole bag of popcorn. Well okay, maybe she did teach me, but I taught myself that if you make popcorn when no one else is around you don’t have to share. 2. My mom taught me to eat my food with utensils even though I would rather just pick up my veggie dogs and go at it in a blaze of glory and ketchup. 3. My mom never taught … [Read more...]