One More Day

I have one more crazy day of school stuff before I can relax celebrate Matt’s birthday and Ben’s Christmas Party (for work).

But first there were cookies to frost!

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I volunteered to make Eggnog Cookies for Tina’s bake sale. My first batch looked kinda sad, but I figured out how to improve them and now I think they’re pretty awesome. I hope the person I’m sending them to agrees!

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I’ve eaten A LOT of these this weekend. You know, in order to perfect the recipe wlEmoticon winkingsmile3 One More Day But, I haven’t put it on the blog because I’m not ready to share it yet. A LOT A LOT.IMG 5049 thumb One More Day

Breakfast bagel topped with cottage cheese mixed with pumpkin butter. I put a small layer of almond butter first then topped with cc and pb. Looks weird, tastes good.IMG 5039 thumb One More Day

I really really wanted to hit up the gym today, but I  don’t have time wlEmoticon sadsmile7 One More Day So I did Level 1 Shred, which doesn’t even feel like a work out any more. Level 2 scares me, but Level 3 not so much – I should have done that one.

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Lunch time!

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We don’t have any salad dressings I like but I wanted salad! I ended up using light ranch, ketchup, mustard and hot sauce. Mix it up and it works.

IMG 5058 thumb One More Day

Crackers on the side.

IMG 5062 thumb One More Day

But not just any ol’ crackers – Dr. Cracker’s Cherry Semolina crackers with a  *shmear of pumpkin cream cheese. The most amazing cracker combo you’ll experience.

IMG 5061 thumb One More Day

*This is the first time I’ve ever used the word shmear and I don’t think I’ve ever said it out loud!

Anyone just say “shmear” out loud?

I didn’t, so I still have never used the word.


  1. says

    I say and write “schmear” all the time. And I need an intervention from Christmas cookies. Seriously. Blogger rehab is going to be the new reality TV show to watch.

  2. says

    I’m not sure that I’ve ever said ‘schmear’ out loud either. I wonder if I should? Maybe I’m missing something by not.
    Your eggnog cookies look really tasty.

    I understand the quality control aspect of baking; you must taste test, for you can’t send out an inferior product. I ate too many cookies while trying to master piping royal icing yesterday (which I didn’t master) and ended up with major heartburn.

  3. says

    THose cookies look good! I dont like eggnog but I might just love those cookies!

    Oh my I have tried the apple dr krackers, I need to try those cherry ones!!!

  4. says

    I feel the same way about the shred videos. Level 1 is easy, Level 3 is good and Level 2 I DREAD!!!!

    Don’t worry, I know you are not the only one who has eaten their weight in sweets. Everyone is working on recipes this time of year and they only way to know if it’s really good or not is to taste it yourself. I think I ate my weight in maple roasted nuts this past weekend. But, I finally perfected my recipe! :) So worth it.

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