Things My Mom Didn’t Teach Me

1. My mom never taught me to share, so I eat the whole bag of popcorn. Well okay, maybe she did teach me, but I taught myself that if you make popcorn when no one else is around you don’t have to share.


2. My mom taught me to eat my food with utensils even though I would rather just pick up my veggie dogs and go at it in a blaze of glory and ketchup.IMG_5021

3. My mom never taught me how many servings are in one can of chickpeas, so I have decided that 1 can is 1 serving. I’m pretty excited about this one and can’t wait for another “serving” tomorrow.


4. I’m busted on this one – my mom did teach me that the cat is NOT allowed on the counters. Also, the dogs are not allowed on the furniture – that one I stick to.IMG_5029

But how else was I supposed to clean up the milk I spilled when I excitedly poured my cereal?!


5. My mom never taught me that big bowls of green smoothies are amazing, but she did teach me to eat my veggies (even if they come in the form of spinach hidden with protein powder and chopped up brownies).


But, my mom did teach me a lot.MONICA HOLDING A RED-HEADED

And I love her Smile



  1. says

    Hooray for moms!

    My mom taught me the proper way to eat a cupcake: rip the bottom part from the icing part, eat bottom part first, saving the best part (icing!) for last.

    We’re not going to win an Nobel Peace prizes over this, but it has served us well over the years.

  2. says

    Aww, cute post :)

    PS, not only do I agree that one can of chickpeas is a serving’s worth, but there have been times where I have eaten TWO cans, back to back… yep, strange but true!

  3. says

    I know I say this every time you post a baby pic, but my gosh were you adorable!! There’s no mistaking that baby pic for you, that’s for sure. I love your moms stoic gaze. Awesome.

  4. Jessica says

    OMG, you were adorable as a baby!! I mean, you’re still super cute and pretty now but omg, that baby pic is off the charts adorable. I’m partial to the red hair…I am slightly biased :)

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