Lucky Lunch


I went to a Kickboxing class this morning at my new gym. It was my first time at this gym and my first time taking a KB NOT in MD. I have to admit that the one thing that’s better in MD over CA is the Kickboxing classes I used to attend. I loved them and miss it a lot! However, I just got back from a short walk and CA currently looks like this outside, so I’ll take that trade … [Read more...]

No Excuses


This morning I woke up and checked my training schedule – it’s a gym day! I had to eat right away so I didn’t have any excuses to not go. I have “America’s Favorite Pumpkin” in my pantry, so there are no excuses to use another, lesser pumpkin I was wavering between PB&J toast versus oatmeal and decided oatmeal. Since we all know I like toast better than oats I have … [Read more...]



Since I ate breakfast late “lunch” was an apple… and one of those protein bars everyone was asking about. Okay, not everyone but enough people that it’s worth it to show the box. I also brought along some baby carrots for snackage during my shopping excursion. Unfortunately, the carrots tasted a little off. Plus, my shopping trip was a fail. Ben sent me on a specific … [Read more...]