No Excuses

This morning I woke up and checked my training schedule – it’s a gym day! I had to eat right away so I didn’t have any excuses to not go.


I have “America’s Favorite Pumpkin” in my pantry, so there are no excuses to use another, lesser pumpkin Smile


I was wavering between PB&J toast versus oatmeal and decided oatmeal. Since we all know I like toast better than oats I have to admit it was just an excuse to use my cute new spoon. IMG_5180I got it yesterday when I was supposed to be Christmas shopping for other people.


This guy made iced coffee…


so I had no excuse not to partake Winking smile


And I’m already in my gym clothes so I don’t have an excuse for being late. Well, unless you count blogging instead of leaving for my 8am gym class…


Question: How do you prevent excuses from getting in the way of exercising?


  1. says

    I struggle with getting up for a morning workout. I have the flexibility to work out at night so “now or never” doesn’t work for me, but when I do get it together to work out in the morning I’m always so happy and energized for the rest of the day!

  2. says

    that is an adorable cute little spoon! i love it. as far as excuses i just kind of guilt myself into working out by telling myself that it’s going to suck if i don’t get that pr i’m chasing. probably a bad game to play though haha!

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    My best thing to stop the excuses is to just go outside, once I start my way to the gym there’s no turning back. Especially since it’s walking distance from my job 😉

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    When I am lying in bed and don’t want to get up to run or workout I just try to think about how I want to feel later on – a sense of accomplishment or guilt and lack of energy? It usually works.

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    The only surefire way I’ve found to force exercise into every week, is to hire a personal trainer. That, and my weight lifting form is AWFUL. But, having scheduled, twice a week, every week, there are no excuses. It doesn’t matter how tired I am, how lazy I feel, I HAVE to be there.

    I wish I could find a running buddy who inspired the same. My running friends all live too far away, or are flakier than I am.

  6. says

    Luckily my workout routine is so ingrained in my schedule now it’s like brushing my teeth or showering. It’s just part of my schedule!

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    Hey lady! I still eat pumpkin oats allllll the time. I don’t care if it’s not fall anymore and there’s tons of snow on the ground 😉

    To prevent skipping out on the gym I try to schedule it at a time when I’m less likely to bail. Also going to a gym class rather than using machines also keeps me motivated.

    Have a great day girl!

  8. says

    I almost never have to talk myself into going to the gym. I just love it. I have to get up and out the door every morning, anyway, to take my daughter to school, so it’s just as easy to head straight to the gym.

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      I’ve actually SLEPT in running clothes before, when I’ve have to get up waaaaaaaaaay too early for races, and it’s been too cold.

      It eliminates a step in the morning, and they’re pre-warmed. hahahahha.

  9. Maren says

    I had pumpkin protein pancakes for breakfast this morning and yesterday morning! pumpkin never gets old! When I’m not feeling motivated, I either call a friend for motivation or I try and remind myself how much better my mood is after my workout!

  10. Beki says

    Hey, love your blog.

    I just tell myself that if i don’t go out for a run/gym sesh at that moment i will have to do double the amount the next day, and the thought of that normally motivates me! Or I make sure I fit exercise in around my days off so i know that’s the only chance i have to go, since I never have time after work.

    Those oats look yummy! x

  11. says

    Sadly, sometimes I do not. Like when I rode the elevator all the way down to my condo’s gym, then pushed the button to go back up so I could get back in bed. :( fail.

    If I think about it too hard, I just won’t go sometimes. Less thinking and more moving gets me there.

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