If You Like It Then You Should Put an Egg On It


I don’t curl my hair often because I am lazy it takes so long and falls out super fast. But when I do, I love it! I curled my hair for the party last night and woke up to a curly pony tail this morning. I don’t know if it’s my cheerleader past or what, but I LOVE love curly pony tails. These curls aren’t half as tight as my old cheer curls, but I still love the look. … [Read more...]

Bad Pictures, Good Night


I apologize in advance for the poor pictures I took tonight. But, I’m taking a photography class soon, so you have a limited amount of time to enjoy / make fun of my tragic handy-work. In other news, my cat died and we had him stuffed. Okay, not really, but he did stand like a statue on our book case long enough to creep me out and make me grab the camera. Yep, still … [Read more...]