Bad Pictures, Good Night

I apologize in advance for the poor pictures I took tonight. But, I’m taking a photography class soon, so you have a limited amount of time to enjoy / make fun of my tragic handy-work.

In other news, my cat died and we had him stuffed.

IMG 5207 thumb Bad Pictures, Good Night

Okay, not really, but he did stand like a statue on our book case long enough to creep me out and make me grab the camera.

IMG 5205 thumb Bad Pictures, Good Night

Yep, still there…

IMG 5206 thumb Bad Pictures, Good Night

Afternoon snackage was the usual weird, yet blogger friendly fare – Vitatop with PB and iced coffee…

IMG 5208 thumb Bad Pictures, Good Night

Roasted broccoli and an unpictured granola bar on the way to the party.

IMG 5211 thumb Bad Pictures, Good Night

Ben’s work Christmas party was tonight. It was held at Orange Hill in Orange, CA.

IMG 5236 thumb Bad Pictures, Good Night

This place has the most amazing views! It’s on a hill (shocking) and you can see for miles and miles. There are outside fire pits so you can enjoy the views year ‘round too! Tonight was cold by SoCal standards, around 48 or so, but the fire pits made it pleasant.

IMG 5238 thumb Bad Pictures, Good Night

As soon as we arrived I got a Vodka tonic.

IMG 5213 thumb Bad Pictures, Good Night

Champagne was served with dinner too. You guys know I love all things bubbly and would drink champagne exclusively if they stocked it at race fuel stations. True story.

IMG 5214 thumb Bad Pictures, Good Night

We sat inside, but there were HUGE windows so we could enjoy the view with dinner. Luckily, it was a clear night.

IMG 5233 thumb Bad Pictures, Good Night

Appetizers included crab stuffed mushrooms. I miss MD crab!IMG 5216 thumb Bad Pictures, Good Night

Hot, doughy sourdough rolls with butter were served before the salad course. I cannot turn down a hot roll. Cannot and will not.

IMG 5223 thumb Bad Pictures, Good Night

For my main dish I ordered the grilled salmon. Fact: If there is salmon on the menu I get it every time. Or at least 99 times out of 100.

IMG 5226 thumb Bad Pictures, Good Night

Do you know why dessert is served last? Um, because it’s always the best part of the night. It’s science.

This was the first petit four I’ve ever had! It’s a big night here in RER land.

IMG 5229 thumb Bad Pictures, Good Night

Except I kept pronouncing it “Petite Four” and even when corrected 3 times couldn’t get it right. Oh well. Oh well. It was chocolate and I was happy.

IMG 5231 thumb Bad Pictures, Good Night

Ben’s friend Brian got me a champagne and raspberry liquor drink. I think I love champagne even more after tonight – if that’s even possible!

IMG 5232 thumb Bad Pictures, Good Night

After dinner and chatting and fun we went outside to enjoy the views.

IMG 5234 thumb Bad Pictures, Good Night

I had only met one of Ben’s co-workers before so it was really great to get to spend time with everyone. I had a great time wlEmoticon smile26 Bad Pictures, Good Night 

IMG 5240 thumb Bad Pictures, Good Night

Happy Holidays!

Question: Did you have your work holiday party yet? Does you work do something fun?

I started a Christmas slipper exchange at my old work where we did a secret Santa inspired gift exchange, but you had to get the other person slippers. Everyone loved it so much they’ve been doing it for years every since!

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  1. says

    We have a pot luck at work, but I would never object if someone wanted to throw a fancy Christmas party for the teachers.

    Love the slipper exchange idea. I need a group to exchange slippers with…

  2. says

    Sure did – a Southern-style spread with fried turkey, BBQ, mac ‘n cheese, yams, green beans and a ton of dessert. It was on Wednesday, and I haven’t been hungry since!

  3. says

    What a great night! You look beautiful and I love the color of your jacket.
    I don’t have a job, therefore, I don’t have a party to attend. My husband’s work party is today, in the middle of the day, and you have to pay $$$ to go. It’s the dumbest thing ever, if you ask me. We’re not going.

  4. says

    Is it lame to admit that I almost believed you stuffed your cat for a brief moment? Today’s our company’s holiday party. We rent a room at a nice Italian restaurant and will eat tons of pasta! We have one of those crazy gift exchanges where you draw numbers get gifts and then steal gifts from people…not sure quite how this works as I’ve never done it before.

  5. says

    We did for the first time last year, but people must have not liked it because they didn’t do one this year! And we’re off from now until January 4th, so it won’t be happening.

  6. says

    What a cool looking restaurant! It reminds me of the Portland City Grill. It’s on the top floor of a 40 story building and the views of the entire city are amazing. The food is excellent too. What a romantic spot!

  7. says

    Our office party is on the 22nd. I’m the organizer! We’re going to an Italian place that has karaoke. It’s been our go-to place for the last three years. The karaoke adds an extra element of fun, and it’s all pretty laid back and casual, which matching our office environment.

  8. says

    Maybe when you come to town for Fitbloggin you can get some yummy MD crab cakes…I so hope that I can make it!!!! I went to Nacho Mammas over the summer and got crab nachoes…holy cow they were amazing!!! Have a great day:)

  9. says

    Your cat does look stuffed…sitting so straight and still! Our cat is far to ADD for that!

    We have a department get together at co-workers house, but I’ll be at work for that…go figure. I’ve also heard tale of a department lunch at the new mongolian grill in town. I’m excited for that!

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