Still Raining!!!


It’s.Still.Raining. I’m especially not happy about this because Ben was ready and willing to go on a walk/run with me. He mentioned wanting to do a race recently and wanted to run this morning. I was super excited, but our plans were foiled by the monsoon outside. So, we decided to make breakfast and hope it lets up a bit. Ben was in charge of the … [Read more...]

Eat Cake and Move On


Ben and I were out all day Christmas shopping. Unfortunately, we didn’t find many things on our list. Boo. But, I did find this mug that I LOVE! “Eat Cake and Move On” Amen. All the shopping was putting me in a weird mood. We need presents!!! We had to get a few food staples at Costco and it was lunch time so Ben got a carne asada bake thing and I had a bite and some … [Read more...]