Eat Cake and Move On

Ben and I were out all day Christmas shopping. Unfortunately, we didn’t find many things on our list. Boo.

But, I did find this mug that I LOVE! “Eat Cake and Move On”

Amen.IMG 5302 thumb Eat Cake and Move On

All the shopping was putting me in a weird mood. We need presents!!!

IMG 5298 thumb Eat Cake and Move OnIMG 5305 thumb Eat Cake and Move On

We had to get a few food staples at Costco and it was lunch time so Ben got a carne asada bake thing and I had a bite and some carrots that I brought from home.  I brought food to Costco – sad, but true.IMG 5295 thumb Eat Cake and Move On

My lunch was an embarrassing delicious amount of Costco samples and a protein bar while driving around. I also had tons of grapes after a TJ’s pit stop.

IMG 5300 thumb Eat Cake and Move On

Burgers for dinner. IMG 5315 thumb Eat Cake and Move On

As soon as we got home I ripped into the kitchen to make dinner. I was super hungry and considered making something “instant”, but decided an extra handful or two of grapes could hold me until it was done.

IMG 5307 thumb Eat Cake and Move On

I sliced the sweet potatoes thinly so they would cook fast. They were like a thick chip. Love it.

IMG 5314 thumb Eat Cake and Move On

Served with wine and a toast to the day!  Some days you plan elaborate date nights that are fun, but just okay. And other times you just spend the day shopping and hanging out with your significant other and it is the BEST DAY wlEmoticon smile28 Eat Cake and Move On 

IMG 5321 thumb Eat Cake and Move On

Now we are just sitting down to dessert and the last of Dexter season one.

IMG 5323 thumb Eat Cake and Move On

Cookies and milk – adult style

Eat cookies and move on.

IMG 5324 thumb Eat Cake and Move On

See you later!

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  1. says

    I can’t believe you are only on Dexter Season One! I’m jealous, because I have to wait for each episode to watch it in real time, while you can just buy all the DVD’s and watch them whenever you want!

    Also, that mug is officially the best mug ever. I just invented the award, and it won.

  2. says

    Costco samples and Dexter sound like a good day to me. We watched up to Season 4 and now are impatiently waiting for Season 5 to come to DVD. It just ended on tv so I think it’s not going to be out for a long time. Boo.

  3. says

    Love the mug! Sounds like a fun day. It’s pretty much exactly what my husband and I are going to do today, except we’re volunteering at church this morning first.

  4. Amanda says

    Dexter is the best show EVER. Season 1 is my favorite…… they are all phenomenal. Just wait until you start Season 2, it had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

    • says

      You call me out on this every time! Busted.

      I was a vegetarian until the last few months where I’ve eaten meat a few times and haven’t felt bad enough about it to make me go back 100%. I dunno, maybe back on the wagon in 2011, maybe not.

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