Still Raining!!!


I’m especially not happy about this because Ben was ready and willing to go on a walk/run with me. He mentioned wanting to do a race recently and wanted to run this morning. I was super excited, but our plans were foiled by the monsoon outside.
clouds Still Raining!!!
So, we decided to make breakfast and hope it lets up a bit. Ben was in charge of the coffee. He made espresso in this new espresso maker thingy we got from Marshall’s. You put it right on the stove burner. Crazy.IMG 5327 thumb Still Raining!!!

And I used my new Scanpan Professional Griddle to cook breakfast. The company offered to send me one of their super fancy griddles since I am a huge advocate of Pancake Sunday. IMG 5329 thumb Still Raining!!!It’s a tradition to make pancakes on Sundays, and up until today I’d just been using whatever was clean a small frying pan. I can tell this griddle will also be good for warming tortillas. IMG 5330 thumb Still Raining!!!

It comes with a handle cover so you don’t burn your hands while flipping your ‘cakes in a grand fashion. Not that I do that, but I would rather not burn my hands in general.IMG 5332 thumb Still Raining!!!

For some reason I love the name “Scanpan” and kept shouting it while cooking. I don’t know if you’ve picked up on this yet but, I’M LOUD!

Warning: Just because you have a fancy professional griddle, doesn’t mean your first batch of pancakes will come out professional looking or tasting.

IMG 5334 thumb Still Raining!!!

Luckily, I am great at saving the pancake day and realized they were too runny. Nothing a little extra flour couldn’t fix. I added some cranberries while cooking too.

IMG 5335 thumb Still Raining!!!

Wa-la! A delicious stack of pumpkin cranberry pancakes.

IMG 5341 thumb Still Raining!!!

IMG 5356 thumb Still Raining!!!


IMG 5337 thumb Still Raining!!!

IMG 5359 thumb Still Raining!!!

In the end, I wasn’t a fan of cranberries in the pancakes. Fail. But, they were still yummy, I just wouldn’t add them again.

IMG 5367 thumb Still Raining!!!

Question: Did you have a fancier than usual breakfast this morning?


  1. says

    Dear Monica, I feel as though we are related in some freakish distant cousins?
    Live loud and proud! I would probably shout SCANPAN! several times too. My brother tells me to shut up on a regular basis.

    And my breakfast was my usual – a giant protein shake (but made with soy nog this time!) and 1/2 chocolate chip cookie (for testing purposes, you know..)


  2. Lorin says

    I feel you on the rain, I haven’t exercised in 3 days now and that’s a long time for me. I live in San Diego, so it’s still raining here and looks like it will be raining the next couple days. I think we are definitely lucky to live in SoCal because I can’t imagine living in a place where I have to run in 10 degree weather, not fun. It will let up at some point!

  3. says

    That espresso maker looks interesting! I was just looking for a square pan because i love making pancakes and french toast on it. Mine’s just about had it, but i haven’t been able to find one i like yet.
    Maple syrup, pumpkin butter… i’m drooling :)

  4. says

    Nope, church is Sunday mornings. I usually go to the first service and volunteer during the second. It’s probably the one day a week where I eat the simplest breakfast.

    At least the pancakes look pretty! Although I pretty much always go for flavor over looks. ;)

  5. says

    You probably never want to visit Portland then…it rains for like 9 months here. Not kidding, either! When I was running outside last year training for Hood to Coast my entire LIFE revolved around the weather!

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