Leave it in 2010


It is still raining today. I guess we have some crazy storm system that extends all the way from Hawaii and it’s going to rain through Thursday. Boo.b But, the clouds parted for an hour this morning and I quickly ran out the door to get 6 miles in before it started again. Right as I was about .50 mile away it started to sprinkle. Perfect timing   But, when I got home I … [Read more...]

Christmas Came Early


Christmas came early for Ben and I this year. Since we will be out of town on Christmas Day we celebrated with my family tonight. (When we were in Maryland looking for jobs in CA or FL we made a deal that if we lived near my family we would spend the holidays with Ben’s and vice versa.) I brought beer bread and spinach dip to my moms for an appetizer. We used a new port beer … [Read more...]