Running and Make Up


I was considering hitting the gym when the clouds parted at 10am and I raced out the door to get a few miles in. This week has put a major damper in my training plan Today I was able to do about 5.5 miles, but I had to walk around super muddy areas and debris. I didn’t even take my Garmin because I knew that would be the case. One of the underpasses I run through was flooded … [Read more...]

RER’s Holiday Tips


Holiday Tip #1: Always keep a lot of wine on hand so if you forget someone on your list (or get a surprise gift) you can just part with one in your vast collection. I better stock up asap! Actually, this tip kind of applies year ‘round… Holiday Tip #2: If you’re traveling, don’t wrap gifts until you get to your destination as the TSA may want to unwrap them, just like they … [Read more...]