Messy Cake Balls

I fueled up for a night of baking with a soy chorizo and potato scramble. I made it for Ben, not thinking I was going to eat it and was extremely generous with the cheese Smile It was good.


Then, I attempted to make cake balls with this frosting. Ben and my mom are both obsessed with coconut so I thought they’d appreciate it. (Truth be told, I was also hoping it would help me from eating spoonfuls of frosting straight up.)


I baked the cake and then crumbled it in the bowl with the coconut pecan frosting. It didn’t seem to come together so I added a few BIG scoops of Nutella.

Melted chocolate? Smashed up cake? Check and check.


But, when I went to form the balls they didn’t come together Sad smile I just kept making a mess trying to make it stick and then dip them in the chocolate.

Finally I decided to make the balls and then spread some chocolate on top of them. I hope they turn out okay this way. They’re still in the fridge hardening.IMG_5502

I also had to bake cookies for something else, so there was a lot of sugar consumed tonight. A LOT.

You know you’ve eaten waaaaay tooooooo much cookie dough too  and too many cookies and cake balls when you don’t even feel like licking your fingers at the end.


We’ll see if these came out okay in the morning!


If you want to make good cake balls, check out Jenna’s recipe. If you want to read about a hot mess, you’re welcome.

Now I’m going to sleep off this sugar coma and detox tomorrow. God help me. IMG_5503


  1. says

    I made cake balls last week. Trust me, they’ll taste good no matter how messy they look 😉 One thing I did, though, was put the cake balls in the freezer for a few minutes forming the balls and before dipping them in the chocolate. I tried dipping them in the chocolate with spoons but eventually found that chopsticks were quicker, less messy, and wasted less chocolate. But like I said, they’re still going to be yummy!

  2. Julie says

    That happened to me when I tried to them them. I put the cake in the freezer for a bit to harden it up and that kind of worked. They weren’t exaclt a hit at the party though…

  3. says

    I made cake balls on Saturday and had the same problem which may or may not have resulted in cake balls being thrown and tears. But don’t worry – I’ve been giving them out all week and people love them! I have yet to meet a person who didn’t want to devour cake + frosting + chocolate and no one has cared how they look. Plus I put them in cute Christmas bags from the dollar store. You have no idea how relieved I was to see this post and realize it wasn’t just me. Also I ate at least my weight in chocolate while making them. Good luck!

  4. says

    Even ugly cake balls taste good.
    I second (or third?) the freezer trick. I’ve never made cake balls, but I make oreo truffles and they require the filling to be chilled before dipping in the chocolate. No matter what, it’s messy. But totally worth it.

  5. says

    Not wanting to lick your fingers at the end? I just can’t imagine that! I guess I have never overeaten cookie dough! I thought I had, but I always wish I had just a little more. 😉

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